The Plan and Power Behind Responsive Web Design

Sunday, September 27th, 2015
Category: Design | Get Grounded | Responsive

When our design team explores new projects with potential clients, we suggest they share examples of inspiration they find on the web. They return with links to peer sites that use image choices they’d like to mimic, content approaches they’d like to try, or color schemes they’d like to match.

What they rarely consider is how those websites display on a screen size other than the one they’re using. That’s when we share websites like Media Queries, a portfolio site that highlights websites that successfully use Responsive Web Design (RWD).

With the popularity of smartphone and tablets, a website accessed on these smaller screen devices should display differently than one viewed on a laptop or desktop. How? To start, the menu should be accessed differently. The text should be readable without pinching and zooming. The photos should resize to fit the width of the device screen.

Overall, the experience should be optimized for the device being used. Throughout your project, our team develops content approaches and functionality choices based on the varying screen sizes. Visit our project portfolio for live examples of responsively designed websites.

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